Communication Process and Challenges in Global Business Environment

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Communication Process and Challenges In Global Busienss Environment Submitted By:
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Executive Summary
In this report, generic form of communication process is described and types of communication are also there to help the reader get an idea of communication to start with. Thereafter, prominent barriers in communication faced by global firms are elaborated to give the reader a view on current communication scenario of global business world. Lastly, how important are communication skills in global business situation and changing face of ICT (Information Communication Technology) aware the reader about importance of communication for a global organization and technologies that presently are in use.

Generically, communication process can be described as a transfer (channel) of information or messages under some context from one individual (sender) to another individual(s) (receiver) which may or may not be disturbed by noise and finally receiver will provide feedback to complete the communication process. In this definition, channel, sender and receiver, noise and feedback constitute comprehensive communication process; however noise and feedback elements are not always necessary for a communication to complete but these are also not insignificant. A communication process is demonstrated through figure 1 below




This definition of communication is too simplified because in a real world business scenario communication encounters multifarious challenges that require high level of expertise and professionalism to handle and control it efficiently. In the context of contemporary business world, effective communication is still a challenge despite the availability of various tools and technologies to afford better prospects of communication. Hence business leaders, decision makers, managers and executives are needed to be trained in effective business communication to successfully meet modern-day communication demands and overcome modern-day communication challenges.

Types of Communication
To better understand complexities of communication challenges let us first explore prominent communication channels. * Verbal Communication
Verbal communication is always oral that may take place in face-to-face conversation or on the telephone. Verbal communication is the most popular mode of communication in any situation. However, it is also the most complex mode of communication that can create unwanted or unexpected confusion if not handled diplomatically. Storytelling is effective tool in form of verbal communication that helps promote co-operation within the organization for free-flow of messages and easy understanding. Mobile phone, Telephone, Video Conferencing and Internet Audio Chatting are few examples of verbal communication technology. * Written Communication

Written communications are hand-written or printed messages. Memorandums, emails, letters, reports, policies, proposals etc. are few of the major written communications examples. In a business situation, written communication can be created with a help of a team that may take longer period of time before it is sent to address the audience. Depending upon the situation and context, power and importance of verbal communication and written communication may differ. Nevertheless, written communications are most often thorough whereas verbal communication may not be. But written communication has disadvantage of not being able to convey feeling effectively in contrast to verbal communication. * Non-Verbal Communication

Non-verbal communications are important part of any type of...
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