Communication Problems Between Men and Women in a Relationship

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  • Published : January 2, 2011
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Ruddy Vasquez
Mrs. Mercado
November 28, 2010
Communication problems between Men and Women in a Relationship To have a successful relationship, men and women need different skills and abilities which may be very difficult to attain. One of the most important factors to an effective relationship is to have a good communication with your partner. Though it sounds a fairly easy thing to do, most of divorces have been result of lack of communication (Tannen 104). Men and women fail to understand each other’s requests or suggestions when communicating, is like they speak different languages, like they come from different planets (Gray 9). In Do Men and Women Speak the Same Language? Philip Yancey describes this understanding issue between men and women as a “vast cultural gap” (82). Communication problems in a relationship between man and woman are due to their different styles of conversation; a woman comprehension is extremely different from that of a man.

“Male/female relationships represent a classic case of cross-cultural communication” (Yancey 82). Even if men and women speak the same language, each of the words they use has different meanings for both of them. When a woman tries to express her thoughts or information she might use exaggeration, metaphors, and generalizations. Most of the time when a woman use exaggeration, the man takes her expressions literally and reacts in a defensive way causing the women to feel misunderstood or upset (Gray 61). Every time a woman wants to talk about a topic, she wants to convey something to her partner; she always has a purpose and “request for support” behind all her expressions. A women needs to communicate with their husbands to feel that there is intimacy and love, but when a woman do not express herself clearly enough they do not get the respond they expect (Tannen 108).

Men are often good with “public speaking”, they can feel very comfortable and confident when talking in front of people, but at...
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