Communication Practice of United Hospital

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1.1Origin of the Report

This report has been prepared as a requirement for Service Marketing Course (MKT-412). It involves developing the service communication mix of a service provider organization. 1.2Objective of the Study:

Broad objective:
To know about the service communication mix of United Hospital ltd. Specific objectives:
To find out the history of United Hospital ltd
To find out the mission, vision, goal, strategy of United Hospital ltd To find out the organization structure and size of United Hospital ltd To find out the products, services, customers, markets of United Hospital ltd To find out the limitation of the service of United Hospital ltd To find out the service differentiation of United Hospital ltd

The limitation of the report is that we cannot get any survey report of United Hospital ltd. We also can’t give any service advertisement of United Hospital ltd. Besides these we do the report all of true & justified information.


United Hospital Ltd was borne out of a vision to provide a complete and one-stop healthcare solution to the people of Bangladesh. Opening its doors in August 2006 and situated besides the picturesque Gulshan Lake, this hospital is one of the largest private sector healthcare facilities in Bangladesh. With a capacity to house over 450 patients and established across a total covered area of over 400,000 square feet, the hospital has 11 state of the art operation theatres to cater to the needs of our varied patient base. Our departments of cardiology, gynecology, orthopedic and pediatrics’ are staffed by the most esteemed doctors in their respective fields. As an example, a glimpse at our cardiology department would reveal that till date we have conducted over 2300 open heart surgeries and over 8300 angiograms and angioplasty operations. That’s over 12 heart related surgeries per day alone since our inception. With our technology and their expertise, and with the support of our friendly staff, we strive each day to be the number one healthcare provider, not only within Bangladesh but within the Asia-Pacific region.

Figure 1: United Hospital
Our number one priority is to provide you with high quality healthcare in a friendly and compassionate environment.

To develop a sound communication strategy United Hospital concentrates on the fundamentals of marketing strategy. These are:

3.1United Hospital’s Target market
After segmenting the market into different segments, the next job of an organization is to target particular segments to serve them effectively so that firm can earn huge revenue from them. The bases United Hospital has used to segment its market are- people income, Status, Health consciousness. United Hospital has targeted upper middle and upper class people so that they can afford. There are some consumers who think about status in receiving service. So receiving service from United Hospital is a matter of status to the consumers. In case of price, the prices being charged in the United Hospital are comparatively bit higher than other hospitals which only upper middle and upper class consumers can afford.

3.2United Hospital’s Positioning Strategy
United Hospital positions itself in the consumers mind in different ways that differentiates itself from its competition by ensuring high quality service with moderate price, high profile doctors, good nursing facilities, 24 hours helpline services, high quality ambulance service, 24 hours doctor facilities, well organized environment and so on. United Hospital in Dhaka is located in Gulshan-2, at Plot 15, Road No 71, Dhaka 1212 which is a commercial area and people around the Dhaka city can come in the Hospital on an easy convenience. Patients go to the hospital; they have to fill up a form to get the appointment of the...
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