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Typography -> six qualities that define a determine good typography -type style,
-type size,
- line width,
- letter space,
- word space,
- line space cladding –중요
The arrangement a apperarance of the words and letters in printed document, book etc

Lead 2
1. begin with truth or word play is reaching a bit far and end up with being obscure, which annoy the reader, 2. start with inert words and tabe too long to the point, 3. start the story in a borring, matter – of – fact way 4. Play with the subtle word to add a charm to the start of the story

* Headline
* -> one of the three key areas of newsletter writing (Headlines, Lead paragraphs, and picture captions * -> Is the loud, clear voice that states your theme and sets the tone of the copy that follow. (Completeness, accuracy, specifics, clarify) * -References

Caption-> Little written information under the picture. The key is to write into the picture means a carefully constructed sequence of information that help the reader well understood. It brings something to the picture, but should not tell too much

Key Picture?
It is a dominate picture, which express the theme of the newsletter and related to the headline. It is on the cover or inside spread and followed by columns of text.

What thumbnails are -> How they are helpful to a designer, * Thumbnailing is the way of many designer to rough out their ideas with pencil and paper in the beginning stage in planning a newsletter. It helps to clarify visual thinking, page concept and whole series of page. More over the designer can play with the ideas without pressure

Identify 2 grid styles and discuss why they are so popular and how do they are so popular, How do they affect the design of newsletter?

->The fine grid styles are the one column grid, the two column grid, The three column grid, 4 column grid and the twelve-part grid. The 2 popular styles are the three-column gird and the...
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