Communication Plan Kudler Fine Foods

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Communication Plan
Team B
University of Phoenix
MKT/571: Marketing

Kudler Fine Foods has decided to launch a product in both domestic and international markets. Kudler Fine Foods has determined that expanding their markets will allow domestic and international market growth generating an increase in profits. Many factors need to be considered when launching new products into domestic markets as well as international markets. Establishing a strategic communication plan will help the success rate of the launched product. This paper will focus on the details within an effective communication plan for Kudler Fine Foods. Having an effective communication plan evaluates the following areas: factors involved in developing and managing an effective marketing communications plan, advertising and promotional programs, and technology trends available. Finally, it is essential to compare and contrast the marketing communication strategies for both domestic and international markets. Evaluation: Factors

One of the primary objectives of an organization’s marketing efforts is to capitalize on consumers’ needs and wants by influencing purchasing behavior thereby promoting demand for goods and services. Marketing communications is one of the best tactics that can be used to deliver messages that will increase offering awareness, promote demand, and drive preference for the products and services. To be highly effective, these messages must be grounded in how customers learn and buy. It must also be compelling and targeted to the consumers being captured. The three major barriers in relation to successful dealing with China and Brazil are language, culture and customs (Saxon, 2007). In determining the optimal mix, marketing efforts must be directly correlated to the relevance of the message and the ability to control its communications (Saxon, 2007). The marketing tactics must be able to influence customers’ purchasing behavior effectively by exerting control over the...
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