Communication Plan

Topics: Syngenta, Strategic management, Agriculture Pages: 10 (3235 words) Published: May 23, 2013
October, 2012

International Strategic Management & HRM, Module 9

Communication Plan Team 2

Communication Plan

Module 9
International Strategic Management and HRM

Group 2

Moritz Schelges147192
Loy Nguyen
Irina Popkov131482
Gerlof Veltman
Michel Ruiz

Name Project Supervisor: Mrs. Blokzijl

Stenden University of Applied Sciences: International Business and Management Studies Leeuwarden, The Netherlands
October, 2012

1. Background Analysis1
2. Target groups1
3. Communication goals1
4. Message1
5. Strategy & Tactics1
5.1 Channels1
5.2 Planning1
6. Budget1

1. Background Analysis
Syngenta AG (referred to as Syngenta throughout this report) is a company originating from Switzerland, registered as a stock corporation that has issued registered shares to investors, and was formed in the year 2000, when the two companies Novartis and AstraZeneca merged. The main foci of Syngenta are the production and selling of seeds and chemicals to the agricultural sector. Moreover, the company is active in the biotechnological field and genomic research. The markets of this company are very large and diverse, since Syngenta is operating in around 90 countries worldwide. In order to manage those markets better and have a less diverse corporate portfolio, Syngenta has just recently implemented a new strategy. This current strategy consists of the following elements: * corporate level- growth

* business level- “integrate, innovate, outperform”-differentiation, product leadership, product development, and customer intimacy * operational level- centralization
Until now, the consultancy team has analyzed the company internally and externally in order to find out what the main problem is with the current strategy and whether it still fits the current developments in the internal and external environments. Using Porter’s Five Forces Framework, the PESTEL analysis, market segmentation, the 7-S analysis and so forth, this is the SWOT analysis that can be drawn up as a result: Strengths * Syngenta’s innovative character * global teams * technical expertise * united production & supply * Syngenta Business Services * less staff costs due to centralization * standardized processes * Soybean| Weaknesses * less flexibility due to Syngenta Business Services * centralization * products not properly usable for illiterate farmers| Opportunities * strong agricultural sector- grew by 4.9% in 2012 * GM industry is on the rise * a lot of arable land available and not in use yet * most amount of water available in Brazil * low threat of entry, substitutes, & suppliers| Threats * criticism from the public about certain pesticides * differing international legal guidelines * competition * certain products are banned in the EU * Berne Declaration * networks against paraquat * high power of buyers|

Taking the threats and weaknesses into account, the following GAPs become evident:

The first GAP results from the centralized way of operating, differing legal guidelines and the competition Syngenta is facing. Currently, Syngenta operates in a very centralized manner. The opinion of local experts is very important and it is crucial to react to changes fast enough. Due to this centralized way of operating, decisions might have to be discussed in the headquarters first and then be reported back to the local experts. That takes time which might not be available in certain situations. In the desired situation, Syngenta is very flexible, able to react to changes in a fast way, be faster than its competitors, and due to more decision-making power in the particular business units, better use of local experts’ knowledge can be made. The second GAP is formed by the fact that illiterate farmers cannot properly use the highly dangerous products and there is a lot of criticism the company is facing from the...
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