Communication Paper

Topics: Idea, Want, Need Pages: 3 (827 words) Published: February 3, 2013
To: New Manager
From: Team B
Subject: Introducing new employee’s to their teammates
Date: January 21, 2013
First of all welcome to the company we are happy to have you. I know coming in to this job it may be hard at first to get the hang of things so I put together a few pointers for you that might help you out getting started. As a new leader it is important to gain your employees trust. There are five key dimensions of trust and they are integrity, competence, consistency, loyalty, and openness. Integrity is very important because your employees will respect you more if you are honest. This will help you as a new manager to connect to your employees it will also help build a solid professional relationship with them. Consistency will let your employees know that you are reliable and have good judgment when handling situations. You will need to be able to present your ideas clearly, listen to your employees and empathize with them. Keep an open door policy so that your employees feel like they can present their ideas to you without ridicule. Personally becoming a new manager was tough at first because I wanted to make new changes for the better and help our company strive but it can be scary for new employees and also ones that have been there for a while to want to change. I had to gain my peers trust and had to let them know that I was trying to better the company for everyone. Employees need to feel comfortable but at the same time know the rules and boundaries so that they don’t walk over you. It is a good idea to focus on influence and not on control. You want to create opportunities and not wait for them to happen. Time management can be a barrier in group communication. A manager needs to be able to get all of the members together to have a good communication. Distractions can be a barrier. When other things such as phone calls or emails take attention away, this leads to a barrier because the team members do not feel they are getting all of...
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