Communication of Respect

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  • Published : January 9, 2012
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Business CommunicationTrimester 2 AssignmentSubmitted By:Aksha AnandPGDM-A(2011-2013)Roll No: 06| |

The communication of respect has been established as a significant dimension of cross-cultural communication to define and fully understand respect in cross-cultural interactions. The communication of respect can be examined and seen as a field of study. This framework is devoted to the communication of respect from both respect and communication competence. Study describes that good communication is a serious and specific study of the communication of respect. Evaluation of cross-cultural communication competence of respect across cultures in an environment where such pan-cultural communication is growing is extremely important.

There are different disciplines dependent upon communication. Respect according to many researchers is both group and individually defined and oriented. It is inseparable from communication as there is no way to show respect in the absence of verbal or non-verbal communication. Also, many researchers allow respect to go undefined relying entirely on participant perception of the term. However, unlike previous views, communication of respect is a complex concept and more than merely simple politeness and courtesies.

Cross cultural communicative competence framework developed by Ruben, has identified seven behavioural dimensions of cross cultural competence. They are * Display of respect
* Interaction posture
* Orientation to knowledge,
* Empathy
* Self-oriented behaviour
* Interaction management
* Tolerance for ambiguity.

Several years later on, it has been increased to nine dimensions by sub-dividing self-oriented behaviour into three distinct dimensions – * Task oriented roles
* Relational roles
* Individualistic roles.

Communication of respect is heavily impacted by cultural...
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