Communication of Electronic Medical Records

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  • Published : April 25, 2013
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Communication of Electronic Medical Records

February 115th 2013
Lillian Preston

Communication of Electronic Medical Records
Communication in the health care industry is important, and to the patients as well. Patients want to see and understand his or her progress when dealing with health care providers. Health care today’s patients want to remain more involved with any paperwork that has been signed or want to know what information is on his or her medical records. Patients or doctors can then rely on electronic medical records. This paper with discuss how communication is worked in the health care system and how medical records are shared. One Benefit to Patients

Today patient’s records are moving from the use of paper to the computer with hospitals going green in 2014. Health care systems are working with high or super capacity computer systems. This will provide faster and better performance and efficiency to other health care system to get information on patients. The efficiency is just not important for the health care system, but it is also important to the patient (T. Torrey, 2012). The one benefit is the easy access patients can see his or her electronic medical records. The information the electronic medical records can provide is blood type, what conditions he or she have, medications prescribed, and sharing the information with other health care providers. The Aspects of Electronic Medical Records

Electronic medical records have made easy the many tasks vital to patients care. This will allow health care providers to research of a patient’s health background. Here are some of examples of using electronic medical records (Partners in Health, 2010): * Electronic medical records improve the quality of updating patients health record * Electronic medical records can allow clinic staff to follow up and track the patient care * Health care providers can understand the patient care and needs * Electronic medical...
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