Communication Is the Process of Delivery or Transfer of Information or Messages from One Person to Another Person

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Communication is the process of delivery or transfer of information or messages from one person to another person. This process of creating an understanding of other individuals about the information presented and would like this process requires an understanding that can be shared. When communication occurs, it impacts on the receiver and transmitter. There are various types of communication can occur between smiling, waving, touching, say hello, and so forth. However, the manner of communication can cause the meaning to be negative or positive information and the information will be mixed when disordered information delivery.

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Sender is the source of the information presented. Sender should be clear about the message to be delivered other than to disclose what it wants to set a clear and confident. Messages must be submitted complete in order to understand the overall picture is clear and simple and not convoluted in order to avoid confusion and misunderstanding. The sender can choose a variety of media delivery to another person, either choose to use for the word, symbol or the languages understood by the recipient, including languages that use hand signals to communicate. Some political scientists also think communication is a way to get the effect because the politicians will often use a particular method of communication for such influence to campaign, to persuade, influence, propaganda, mass media and so forth.

Communication is also used to persuade, one way of influencing or obtaining compliance. This occurs in many families, parents often use this method to discipline their children so that they comply with the directives. In the field of business in the same situation also occurs, this method is used to popularize their sales or encourage consumers to use their products.Listen Read phonetically

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Individuals also are receiving a message addressed information. Information received will be translated and interpreted by the receiving capability through knowledge, experience and background of the recipient. Educational backgrounds and different experiences between the sender and receiver to be the reason for different interpretations. When there is interaction between the informant and the recipient of the response will occur. Feedback is a response to the receiver and transmitter. A normal person would use the human senses wisely. They will talk, see, hear and feel the heart. To respond effectively, it must be clear and precise so as to be understood and further action may be taken. Besides a clear and precise, positive feedback will be open and no false information interaction and feedback should be discussed, agreed to take the decision. Listen

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When all the senses are used properly, the receiver can understand the message clearly and are sensitive to the additional information expressed by facial expression, body, hands and so forth. However, for individuals who lost one of the faculty will try to use the maximum available to understand the nature of the information to be submitted. Feedback will fail if the sender responds slowly to want to say, presenter feedback still not convinced that the information should be submitted. There is also an information sender did not ask for feedback, perhaps feared would impede the execution of a task, the information presented merely wanted to receiving knowledge. Feedback is very false and negative feedback can also be made to fail.

When all the senses and logistic regression with the perfect, the recipient can understand the message clearly and are sensitive to the additional information expressed by facial expression, body, hands and so forth. However, for individuals who lost one of the faculty...
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