Communication Is the Key to Success

Topics: Organization, Communication, Management Pages: 2 (681 words) Published: October 18, 2010
You hear it all the time, “Communication is the key to success”. Well without effective organizational communication the social unit of people that we call organizations will serve no needs. Effective communication is very crucial for smooth and efficient functioning of an organization. Communication is like the engine to a car, without it, it just want run. A company that is experiencing a breakdown in communication cannot flourish and ultimately fail. Therefore if an organization wants to attain new standards of accomplishment, the art of communication must be proficient. As stated earlier in this paper there is nothing more detrimental to a workplace then it being a hostile and a closed environment. I recommend implementing quarterly mandatory communication training seminars that start with senior management and work its way down to lower level managers and employees. By providing training to all the members of an organization you are ultimately creating a common a goal. Your communication style affects how people perceive you. Through training, a manager can learn their communication style and learn how to manage others communication style which will decrease conflict and increase output. In addition, knowing your communication style can help you to recognize how your actions are perceived by others. Ask yourself, how do organizations inspire, encourage discipline and accountability and promote strategic alliance? Your answer is probably through effective communication skills. As we previous learned in chapter 2 on communication, with clear communication skills you can easily persuade, motivate, and convince people to do what you want. As a result of implementing communication seminars, the organization can reduce downtime, increase efficiency, reduce turnover, save on health costs and provide a sense of security. Ed Robertson a former employee communications manager of FedEx stated in the editorial, Placing leaders at the heart of...
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