Communication in a Modern World

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  • Published : August 27, 2011
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The communication has always been the crucial part of mankind’s social life. The means of communication has changed according to the changes in people’s living conditions and all other circumstances such as technological developments. We barely have time to pause and reflect these days on how far communications technology has progressed. Without even taking a deep breath, we've transitioned from mail to email, from telephone to chat, from newspapers to blogs, and now to social networks. Among the many ways to communicate, we have always used regular mail. With regular postal service you can send physical items such as a letter, chocolate, or flowers. The downfall to that is that you have to pay for postage. Another disadvantage to regular mail is the response time. We have to wait days for a response back. Email is faster and virtual, not physical. You can receive music, videos or photos electronically. And it has different economics, since you do not have to pay per email message. Now, because email is delivered faster, we send more of it. Because we send more of it, each message is much smaller than a typical letter. So thinking about it this way, we realize that email not only redefined mail, it created a completely different way of communicating. Instead of sending more information less often, we send less information more often. Although there are several advantages to using email rather than regular mail, a disadvantage would be that it not as personal as regular mail. Way before we had the Internet, we already had a way to communicate faster than via mail – the telephone. The advantages to using the telephone rather than regular mail are that you can hear the caller’s voice, and often get a faster response. A disadvantage is that there is often no record of the call or what is said, so it is your word versus the caller’s word in a dispute over the content of the discussion. Then when the world went online, instant messaging was invented -...
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