Communication in the Hospitality Industry

Topics: Hotel, Hotels, Las Vegas Strip Pages: 2 (434 words) Published: March 7, 2012
During my internship of three months at Radison hotel, I managed to take part in some internal and external activities organized by the hotel. This participation was a great experience since I was able to compare the school’s theories and the actual work on the ground. In this period I realized that in some cases the administration could send some directives using the hotels existing communication channels, but never received feedback from the employees, and in some cases when they received it, there was possibilities of finding some mistakes! Here it could be like the new contracts that were supposed be signed by new associates mostly from the food and beverage (F&b) department that were not signed, the round table meeting with the general manager (GM) that was announced but never received enough participants as promised and some other important information designated to employees that never gave the result as expected. It is important to note that all the information was always published more than once in the company’s daily news, sent to associates by mails and even hanged in employees’ canteen. All of this was done in order to make sure that all the people in the organization are informed about any event happening in and even outside the property on a daily basis. Unfortunately in some cases messages seemed to be misunderstood and maybe not even reaching the destination. The result of this misunderstanding, could sometimes take other associates time and other resources trying to correct the mistake done by one or even a group of people. With its general manager (GM) from Austria and sales and marketing manager from Denmark. The hotel’s food and beverage department is occupied by Romanians, Chinese, Africans and the hotel’s human resource department by a diversity of an American and a Norwegian. So according to its multi- cultural environment, Copenhagen Marriott is a place where employees communicate in different languages according to their departments and...
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