Communication in the Classroom

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Communication in the Classroom

By | October 2012
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Communication in the Classroom
Week 1 Assignment 1

Communication in the Classroom

A college class discussion would differ from a casual conversation with a friend in that there are many viewpoints, from your classmates and professor, that you need to take into consideration when communicating your thoughts and ideas in an open classroom discussion, where as in a casual conversation with a friend you would probably feel more comfortable expressing your point of view with less concern for the tone of your message. It is important to word your messages in a class discussion in a respectful manner that leaves the floor open to others opinions, which allows for a more productive interaction with your classmates. Usually, you would not choose your words as carefully in casual conversation with a friend, as you likely know each other well, and aren’t worried about what you say being misinterpreted. Another key difference is that a discussion normally pertains to a specific subject while a conversation could be about anything

Three ways you can show respect for fellow classmates during class discussions would be By first being responsive, that is to say if you are working together online, responding to questions or comments in a timely manner to maintain positive relationships. Another way to demonstrate respect would be through tentativeness, or being open to change. This means that when you are communicating your thoughts and ideas, you use open language, keeping in mind your classmates may not share the same point of view. Finally, by empathizing with your fellow classmates, you acknowledge and try to understand their viewpoint even though it may differ from your own.

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