Communication in Teamwork

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  • Published : October 6, 2008
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In most things that humans do there is some level of teamwork needed to successfully accomplish tasks in everyday life. Exemplary communication is essential to a team’s success because without it there would be no way of coordinating efforts to accomplish a goal. Making the project seem like one cohesive piece would be impossible if members could not communicate well enough to figure out what needs to be done in order to complete any considerable feat. There are seven characteristics of effective teamwork; “these characteristics are productive conflict resolution, mature communication, role clarity, accountable interdependence, goal clarification, common purpose and psychological safety (Bianey, para.6).” The most significant action anyone can take to putting together a good team requires communication. The communication needed is not your everyday nonchalant greetings and pleasantries. While a smiling face and friendly demeanor will appease most people, working with a team requires more value in the work you are able accomplish despite your dental work. Trust must be built and organization must be established if the task at hand is to be resolved. Having a decent attitude is the best way to approach teamwork, but without ample communication from all involved then

there is no way of identifying the best skills of each member to appropriately dole out the work load. Members must be able to communicate well within the group to be successful because there is really no other way to properly coordinate aspects of the project that everyone is to be a part of. “A nationwide survey of employee attitudes found that workers see teamwork declining throughout their organizations--as well as between departments--and that communications between departments also has fallen off since last year (Anonymous, para. 1).” To make an assignment cohesive, though many people worked on the same project, it is important to communicate the tone that all members agree would be best...
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