Communication in Teams and Groups

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  • Published : September 3, 2009
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Communication in Teams and Groups

Friday, May 23, 2008

Azusa Pacific University Online


This paper will address my learning’s of the first portion of my class titled MLOS 501. Specifically, it discusses what I have learned by means of communication and the various ways that we use communication to make our mark on each others lives.

Communication in Teams and Groups

In our class Communication in Teams and Groups – Reflection, I was able to post the following: “WOW...we finally made it to the Masters Degree Program! I have walked many miles to get this far and am very excited to be here. I know that it is because of my faith that I have made it this far. I was a teenage mom, was diagnosed with cancer, have been injured at work, and poof this program comes into play. I cannot wait to walk across that stage with my family watching as they are the ones who stated I would never amount to anything if I kept the baby (who is graduating high school next week) I will need the continuing support of my boyfriend and children as I go through this program as they are my drive to succeed. In addition I will need the support of God as he is the one who has allowed all of this to happen. As for the resources I can offer.....this online platform is how I got my bachelors degree....with that said, I can offer guidance on how to manage a online program (as it is much different). When you are in a program which is open to allowing you to set your own schedule, it is hard to become disciplined enough to get everything done. I am here if anyone needs help :) Here we go!”

This statement of reflection made me realize how far I have come over the past 18 years. I am proud of who I have become, proud of my family, proud of my faith, and look forward to where I am going with this program.

Sharing this feeling in the beginning of the class will help others...
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