Communication in Hospitality Industry

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  • Published : August 31, 2010
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Executive Summary2
Purpose of this report4
Introduction to the property and department4
Department that been addressed4
Discussion and Issue4
Influence to the staff, guest and management6
Reasons why communication is the biggest issue in food and beverages department.7
Recommendation and Conclusion9
More brand training for staff and manager.9
MBW (Manage by Walking) system10
Know the staff better10
More respect to staff10

Executive Summary
The purpose of this report is to identify, discuss and analyse one major managerial issue that occur in a hotel or resort property during the placement. This report also shows how good a student in understanding the managerial condition and even managerial issues that occurs in the property, also providing the discussion regarding the managerial issues from not only the student’s point of view but also Team Leader, Supervisor and customer’s point of view supported by a guest review on web. Then analyse the reasons regarding the occurring of this issues incorporating with some studies and researching and interviewing some staff that also working in the property, the effects that influence the staff, the customer and the management itself, then consider few points of recommendation and conclusion about the issue. There is always a major issues in a hospitality industry, because in a property such as hotel or resort, there are a huge range of department such as housekeeping, food and beverages and front office, each department has their own function to aim and achieve a same goal which is maintain the brand standard and optimum guest satisfaction. In this case, Sheraton Mirage Port Douglas is carrying a responsibility to keep up and maintain a Starwood standard as a 5 star resort and Global Winning award as the best resort in North Queensland. In a hospitality industry, even every singled department has their own issues to deal with. For example housekeeping department that obligates to clean up and tidy the guest room might be has some issues with the equipment that used for operation process, budgeting issue that seems to be like every resort’s issue or even rostering issues. In the food and beverages department, that is very connected with kitchen department most probably has the same issue such as cost control and labour control, especially for Lagoons Restaurant that most likely serves a seafood buffet and buffet breakfast, and also waste control for foods is most likely to be issue for both kitchen and food and beverages department, in this case, food and beverages department need to work with covers they did to make some prediction on the foods for the future to meet the right amount without any minimum waste. But unfortunately, cost and budget issue is not the major issue in Sheraton Mirage Port Douglas. Apart from budget and cost control, communication is most likely to be a major problem, especially in food and beverages department. After observing and did some research thus made some interview with some managerial people communication seems to be like the most troublesome issue that currently is overwhelming in food and beverages department. It is cause by many factors such are upper level of management such as food and beverages manager and general manager that do not really communicate with lower level management such as staff and team leader, many staff that acting childish that sometimes brought up personal matters to workplace that causing chaos due to lack of communication, out-dated advertisement that creates some false interpretation to the guest, etc. These factors will be explained further in the body of this report. It could be concluded that this issue plays a big role in food and beverages department because apparently it is also affects other department such as kitchen even housekeeping department, so...
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