Communication in Health Care Services

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Appropriate communication with other staff, patients, and their families is the ultimate skill essential for all enthusiastic, professional healthcare individuals. The purpose of this paper is to outline healthcare communication, categorize the methods of effective communication in health care services, and list the strategies that can be employed while communicating with clients with special needs.

Agreeing to Northouse and Northouse (1998), “communication is the process of sharing information using a set of common rules.” We all are well aware; communicating with others in the healthcare settings is an intricate and complex practice that depends on clear and crisp conveyance of messages, complete attention from all parties, and full appreciative from all. “Healthcare communication is a subset of human communication that is concerned with how individuals deal with health related issues; it refers to any type of communication whose contents are concerned with health” (Northouse & Northouse, 1998).

3.Relevance of effective communication in Health Care Service:- Appropriate communication between all healthcare professionals is vital for delivering safe and high professional care that all patients deserve. One should always bear in mind that our patients are equally part of the healthcare team just like any other healthcare specialists; therefore, we ought to communicate effectively being honest and open with all fellows of the team. Just as we communicate with our coworkers about patient assessments, processes, nursing interferences, assessments, and quantifiable results; ought to be conveyed crystal clear to our patients. Efficient and successful communication among all health care professionals, patients, and their families is important for increasing patient satisfaction rates, compliance to the treatment, which in-turn highly impact a patient’s health results, planning treatment ahead, medication schedules, and their...
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