Communication in Health and Social Care

Topics: Communication, Nonverbal communication, Writing Pages: 4 (1449 words) Published: April 26, 2013
A report on the role of effective communication
In this report I will explore four different methods of communication, the four methods that will be discussed these are written communication, non verbal, verbal and computerised. Communication is something that everyone does across the world without even thinking about it, communication is considered as someone giving information to you either verbally or written and then you receiving obtaining this information, this process goes in a circle as one person may say something and then you may say something meaning you each gain new information. This can happen in the simplest conversations such as ‘Hi how are you?’ ‘I’m amazing thanks, you?’ just from this short conversation we understand that this person is in a ‘amazing’ mood. In health and social care the way you give or receive information to people is extremely important as if this information is not given correctly it can have huge consequences. Written communication is a main form of communication in health and social care. This can be in many ways both formal and informal such as in a hospital there could be leaflets/ posters this would be classed as formal as they will contain important and factual information. Written communication is used often in a health and social care setting as once something is written down about a patient it can be used as a legal document and other nurses/staff can easily read this information and gain feedback on the patient and how they are feeling that day and what certain treatments they may need. This written information can be seen as more reliable as you can write information about the patient down and be much more detailed and actuate where as in oral conversation you may miss out some information about the patient just from remembering for memory. However there can be a problem with confidentiality when important information is written down as it can be lost or read by someone who has no right to read it. Patients are...
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