Communication in Health and Social Care

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  • Published : March 28, 2013
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BTEC Level 3 National Diploma in Health and Social Care.
Unit 1: Communication in Health and Social Care.
P1: Create an article for the ‘Nursing Times’ magazine.
Effective communication in a Hospital setting.
In the health and social care setting, two types of communication take place in one-to-one and group communication. These are formal and informal communication. You may take part in a few one–to–one situations. This may be with staff and staff, staff with patients and staff with the patient family. Also as staff you may find yourself in group situation with the patient and a number of the patient’s family members. The usual form of language in a group conversation if formal but in formal is also used as well depending on the circumstance. There are a number of factors that influence effective communication within both one-to-one interactions and group interactions. These are formal, informal, verbal, and non-verbal skills. One-to-one Communication.

In a hospital, communication takes place more frequently than informal interactions. Formal interactions will be between staff and staff, staff with patients and staff with family members. Formal interactions are very effective in one-to-ones because it is polite and medical terms are used to make it sound more professional in a serious matter. Formal communication is effective when used by staff because it is a professional way of communicating important information. Informal communications is used only in curtain circumstances not in all because it is not always polite to be informal with everyone all the time but using informal communication can lighten up the mood and make the patient feel better about the situation. Verbal and non-verbal communication is used everyday by every staff member in the hospital setting so it is vital that the staff know how to communicate correctly. Verbal communication is when you are talking to a person. You should be confident so that the person that you are speaking to...
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