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Topics: Time, American football, Adolescence Pages: 5 (1570 words) Published: March 26, 2013

For this Portfolio, the theme I chose was 'Peer Pressure in Sport'. Even though Peer Pressure is a broad topic, personally, I chose this theme because of my observations and experiences developed due to my involvement in sports and with other athletes. This topic can assist my academic background by showing me how to deal with people. It can also help me with my future career of being a professional rugby player where I can learn to cope and deal with issues that may come my way. This theme would be portrayed in a short dialogue where it would be analyzed and discussed. A dialogue about a group of youths who are given an opportunity to show their talent where only seven players were needed. This caused a player to stop the sport because he wasn't chosen. This genre was chosen because in my view, the theme was placed in a context where the reader can read and understand the points that would be brought forward without having to read between the lines. For my Expository, the Primary Source that would be used is a Questionnaire and the Secondary Source would be a website, These sources would assist my investigation and my research question.


Peer Pressure is the influence exerted by a peer group or an individual, encouraging other individuals to change their attitudes, values or behaviors in order to conform to group norms. This reflective is exhibited in as a dialogue because I believe that readers may better understand the concept when placed in a real life situation. This piece shows a group of teenagers from around the neighborhood, mainly footballers, who are subjected to pick their best six players and a keeper for a tournament. The setting of the dramatic piece is taken in a neighborhood. This piece was produced and intended for a teenage audience who participate in sport activities or teenagers who watch sports. The type of language used in the reflective would allow them relate to the situation and also allow a little comic relief. This piece is expected to target the specified audience because of the negative and positive impacts on youths. They can also relate to experiencing or observing this type of situation or one similar in any sport they play or that they would like to play. This dialogue can be used at a school or at a presentation amongst teenage athletes. This would allow them


Scene 1
This scene begins on the corner of Tern Drive. This occurs in the evening time when the youths of the neighborhood usually come out their houses to hang out. Kerry: Wah going on fellas? Wats d vybz.

Jody: I’m alright and you?
Keevyn: I just dey for d while.
Curtis: Wats the plan tonight fellas? Sweat awa?
Brian: Yeah, I for dat. Allyuh hadda call out d rest ah them though. Five ah we cyah sweat alone. Kerry: Yeah boi Keevyn. You have d bike so start pedaling cuz I not walking. We would meet ur on d field. Keevyn: Steupzz, always doing me this yes. Waheva, I would meet allyuh on d field. (Everyone departs, Keevyn on his bike to call out the others and the rest walking away to the field.)

Scene 2
On the field the friendly game of football begins. It goes on for a while, while other guys appear to partake in the custom. An unknown man also appears to watch the game. After a shot was taken wide of the goal he calls in everyone. Mr. Mac: Youths Come! Come! May I have a few seconds of your playing time? Kerry: Wam pops, what you want? I hope is not any Jehovah witness thing. (Everyone laughs)

Mr. Mac: No , my name is Mr. Mac I want to place an offer for you young footballers. Curtis: Well hurry up. Talk fast cuz d lights does come off ten. Mr. Mac: I am hosting a tournament in the indoor facility in Chaguanas. It is six and a keeper tournament...
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