Communication Genre Comparative Analysis

Topics: Implementation, Policy, Policy analysis Pages: 3 (701 words) Published: April 9, 2013
Communication Genre Comparative Analysis
Tangye Obilade
May 19, 2012
Sherre Dove

Communication Genre Comparative Analysis
The business card genre is an introduction to a reader and a tool that provided professional information to another reader, or viewer. It helps the reader gain an insight of pertinent knowledge concerning the card holder by providing an agency’s name, organization, or company’s name, office phone number, address, and electronic mail address. The resume provides transmitted information to the reader regarding a candidate’s skills and experience allotting a chance of gainful employment. Information concerning the candidate, such as name, addresses, and phone number along with employment experience from present to past aid the reader to comprehend the information quickly. A policy memorandum is an instrument used to aid policymakers with information needed to perform accurately. Coupled with, developing, implementing, and evaluating policies while analyzing complex issues, alternative actions, and prove recommendations of action if needed. A policy memorandum aids the reader by providing an explanation of issues, why there is a need for regulation and provides a course of actions clear to its readers. Public policy report used to communicate investigational problems or to make a recommendation of resolutions. It provides an explanation of previous events for the reader or investigation results, and stipulations for implementation of policies, and enforcements. Likewise, a policy handbook guides comprehensively expectations of employees. It provides a statement of core values and purpose, code of conduct, and guidance to internal action. The business card and resume both provide substantial information for the reader. However, the genres are different. The business card provides the identity of the agency or organization, address, and phone number. Moreover, the resume provides, the reader with information regarding...
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