Communication Gap Between the Sexes

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  • Published : May 30, 2013
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Communication gap between the sexes
It is obvious that males and females communicate differently. All humans base their understanding of their environment on their past experiences, knowledge, perception, and reasoning. However, it is important for both males and females to be able to effectively communicate with each other.

Women and men communicate differently. Both sexes use verbal and non-verbal communication that is based on their perception of the environment they are in. Women will speak more and expect answers that help to build relationships through commonality. Men are more non-verbal and build relationships through completing tasks. When men and women are communicating with each other, it is important to recognize how the other is communicating. It also is important to actively listen and be engaged in communication. Males and females, while very different, are capable of creating relationships with each other that can be successful through good communication.

Timid Language
* When women are feeling less confident, they will cover themselves. Crossed arms and legs, shielding with accessories like handbags, and looking down are all signs of a woman who is not particularly confident at the moment. Men, on the other hand, will just fidget more. They'll adjust their watches, take their wallets out and tap their feet. They will also cover themselves, but not to the extent that women do. Eye Contact

* Both men and women use eye contact to communicate nonverbally, but they use it in different ways. Women use eye contact to communicate, to nonverbally tell someone that she has their full attention. Men, on the other hand, use eye contact to intimidate by nonverbally asserting dominance. This means that since men and women use the same nonverbal communication tactic to different ends they may interpret it differently when confronted with it.


* Men tend to keep distances from people when they talk to them and touch them less....
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