Communication Facilities

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Communication facilities
Communication is one of the most important points which need to be remembered during any disaster as there are many people involved and to communicate with them so as to reach the maximum amount of help at the least time possible. Therefore Communication Facilities For Disaster Management is one of the most important topics of research so as to lend a helping hand to all those who are trapped during a disaster. Disasters usually include situations like an Earthquake, eruption of a volcano, Floods, Landslides or Droughts and many more where there are huge areas which get affected and the damage is quite high and beyond remedy. The Communication Facilities For Disaster Management is the Space technology which is used where the help of Satellites are taken and the disaster hit area is continuously updated and the latest information regarding all the changes are recorded and reported at minimum time span possible. Different agencies need ot be involved at the time of disaster and a communication has to be set up to reach the Police, the fire department, the ambulance, Blood banks and other transportation services so that maximum help can be extended towards all the people who are suffering and these people can be taken to safe places in the nearby hospitals and clinics and maximum people can come to their rescue. INTRODUCTION:

The society having a better and quicker means of communications is considered to be anadvanced and Forward looking society.
Most of our country’s population in the past wasnot served by the telephone and television networks that so greatly influence citiesand western societies. There is a great influence of present day fast evolving technologies particularly the digital techniques on the development of the society. It includes present daycomputers and Satellite Communication. Present day technological tools support andcomplement each other to complete the total communication scenario. Satellites are perceived largely as a means to reach isolated places. Because of the broadcastingnature of the satellites, a signal sent up to the satellite comes down everywhere over awide area, thus providing connectivity to the inaccessible parts of the country.Satellites bring the television to the homes even in remote villages. Television is anextremely powerful medium for education, literacy rate in rural areas can be improvedthrough tele-education services based on satellite technology. Being a tropicalcountry with long coast line, natural disasters often knock at the country and the rural people are often the victims. Terrestrial links and transport systems cripple veryoften. Satellites come to the rescue in such events for disaster management, whichrequires real time decision making and action.The introduction of space communication and the present era of informationtechnology has changed the current scenario and we have seen the third technologicalrevolution (information + communication = Information Technology) in the lastdecade of the last century. The present era is called the IT era. The technologicalevolutions which have taken place in the last century are simply beyond one'simagination. Many technological reversals have been seen, like the telephone whichshould have been on the wired network has become wireless while the TV which waswireless, works on cable

The Communication Facilities For Disaster Management is quite an important topic for research for coming up with different possible new ideas as during a disaster which has suddenly come upon a place the power of that place completely goes off. Mostly the way of communicating from one place to another is through mobile phones or telephones or computers through internet, but during a disaster all these connections are just cut off and the people are isolated from all these things which could be used for bringing in help at that moment. The WLL-VSAT which is the handsets carried by people and is usually required to send very...
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