Communication Channel Scenarios

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  • Published : March 25, 2013
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MGT 521

Communication Channel Scenarios

Scenario 1

In scenario 1 the most effective communication channel to utilize in my opinion would be: “Downward Communication.” I think this is the best communication channel for this situation because downward communication flows from a higher level of a group’s organization to a lower level. In scenario 1 the task is to provide my team with specific product details and develop a solid marketing strategy within a week. Downward communication enables me to assign goals, provide job instructions, point out problems that need attention and offer feedback on performance. A good example of this was in our class reading, “Direction of communication.” In this example Ann-Marie, president of Home Depot’s southern division uses downward communication to discuss goals such as clean warehouses, stocked shelves and top customer service. When communicating my strategy to the Vice president of operations I would use, “Upward Communication.” I think this would be the most appropriate form of communication to the VP of operations because my information is flowing up to a higher level in the organization. When engaging in upward communication I would reveal the progress of goals and relay current problems to my superior.

Scenario 2

For this scenario (contacting the IT Department) I would defiantly use the communication channel “Oral Communication.” Oral communication gives you the opportunity to convey a verbal message and receive a response in minimal time. In this case the login names and password are imperative to the operation of the company so a speedy response from the IT department is important. Now on the other hand the best communication channels for informing employees about what happened and provide them with the new login and passwords would be “Electronic Communication/Grapevine” These channels are the best choice in this situation because the login and passwords need to be distributed to all necessary...
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