Communication Channel Scenario Mgt 521

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Communication Channel Scenario


January 26, 2012

Communication Channel Scenario

When communicating with individuals or groups it is very important to select the appropriate communication channel. “Nonroutine communications are likely to complicated and have the potential for misunderstanding. Managers can communicate them effectively only by selecting rich channels” (Robbins & Judge, 2001, pp. 15). In scenario I of the communication channel scenario assignment; it is the manager task to effectively communicate in full detail the next steps regarding the development of a new strategy and the team must produce within a short turnaround time. Since this task is nonroutine and has a time sensitive deadline, I would recommend using a high level of channel richness through face-to-face and or video conference. This will allow the team members to see and hear the urgency of this task through nonverbal and verbal communication as well as allow immediate feedback from team members and manager. “Face-to-face conversation scores highest in channel richness because it transmits the most information per communication episode-multiple information cues (words, postures, facial expressions, gestures, intonations), immediate feedback (both verbal and nonverbal), and the personal touch of being present” (Robbins & Judge, 2001, pp. 14). As the Marketing Manager of the team, I would communicate with the VP of Operations in the same manner as I communicated above. I feel that it is important to speak face-to-face or via video conference to ensure that he/she fully understands the direction in which I am moving toward and allow the opportunity for immediate feedback.

Scenario II

As a manager contacting IT to reset a login name and password in scenario II of the assignment, I would use an email, unless the IT policy stated a different method. In my opinion this issue can be classified as a low channel richness issue...
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