Communication Case Study

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Communication Case Study
The Importance of Clear Business Communication
Communication in corporate America is an essential role of an organization. There is a need for communication in each and every company. Without communication, an organization will not be able to conduct its activities and achieve its goal. Evidence shows that business wants and need people with good communication skills. It has been realized that all human activities, personal, social or business related, are dependent on effective communication. In fact, it is considered that the lack of effective oral and written communication English is the root cause of most of our industrial or organization instability. No business can develop without effective oral and written communication. Effective communication strategies are the communication techniques that an individual or an organization needs in order to successfully achieve their goals. Communication in the 21st century has assumed significance, as businesses have expanded globally and there is a mixture of people of various cultures, languages and diversity.

My paper is an attempt to present strategies of empowerment of effective oral and written communication within the workplace. The knowledge of good communication will enable us to establish intellectual, economic, commercial and political relations with the rest of the world. It is the object of every speaker or writer to put his thoughts as effective form as possible so as to make a good impression on the audience or readers. A person may have clear thoughts and ideas but be unable to express them in such a way as to appeal to others.

When in business, one of the main goals is to achieve reoccurring sales and referrals. In order for this goal to be achieved, the business owner needs to ensure the customer is happy with the service or product being offered. A customer's happiness can be from effective communication on the part of the business owners and associates. At least 65 percent of each and every day, humans spend communicating, either orally or in writing. When you really think about it, the importance of how we communicate with each other becomes obvious.

Effective communication strategies are the communication techniques that an individual or an organization needs in order to successfully achieve their goals. While communication in the 21st century has been a key role, businesses have expanded resulting with the mixture of various cultures, languages and diversity. There are several ways to develop effective oral communication in the workplace. Generally, these different ways of improving oral communication involves understanding different communication relationships. The success of any business or organization depends largely on how effectively the members communicate. The ability to speak well is a minimum requirement of some businesses when hiring a candidate for a job. Whatever the job, business professionals require extensive use of oral communication when carrying out their duties.

These are some strategies of empowerment that I’ve found to increase effective oral and written communication within your business and with the customers. The first point would be listening. Being a good listener is the first necessity for being a successful communicator. Hearing and listening have profound difference between each other. While hearing is the sensory perception of the ears without any motive of understanding what the person is trying to say, listening is going deeper into the analysis of the person's views so that there is an effective conversation. Good listening skills and showing a genuine interest are attributes of a successful communicator. Sales associates who actively listen to customers inquire and complaints are more able to solve problems and gain customer loyalty. Listen to the customer and answer questions fully. By listening, it displays your...
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