Communication Between Men and Women

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Toija Bennett
Professor Hill
English 101-32
September 21, 2012

Communication between Men and Women
In Deborah Tannen’s, “Sex, Lies, and Conversation”, men and women communicate differently because of how they’ve been communicating when they were younger, and men communicate less than women. The cause of the arguments couples face is due to the lack of communication. At a younger age parents separated the two groups so they can play with the same sex. For example, the boys played football and the girls played tea party. As the boys turned in to young men, and the girls transformed into young ladies the groups remained separate. Until they decided they wanted to date. Most of the time the cause of the arguments was lack of communication. Like Deborah Tannen stated, “bond between boys can be as intense as girls, but they are based less on talking, and more on doing things together” (601). Based on what I have witnessed, when females and males are engaged in a conversation males tend to look as if there not paying any attention when they really are. For example, Tannen implied that, “the impression of not listening results from misalignments in the mechanics of conversation” (601).The reason why men and women do not communicate well is because of lack of communication during their childhood. By letting the two groups interact with each other while they are young can help prevent the lack of communication.

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