Communication Barriers

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  • Published : February 27, 2013
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Environmental factors can affect the communication between the older adult and the nurse (Ruan & Lambert, 2007). Some of these factors provided by older adults included not being familiar with the hospital floor, dark rooms, loud noises, the amount of patients needing attention (especially when their illness is severe), visitors and family and the age difference between the older adult and the nurse (Ruan & Lambert, 2007). The age difference could potentially make a patient feel as though they have very little in common with the nurse (Ruan & Lambert, 2007). It is important that nurses recognize these environmental factors because of the significance of the nurse and patient relationship. Nurse Barriers

Four key barriers that impact the patient and nurse relationship are recognized in the results of a questionnaire research project (Ruan & Lambert, 2007). The four barriers include “working without a sincere attitude, showing no respect to elderly patients, being unfriendly, and transferring a sense of hopelessness to the patient” (Ruan & Lambert, 2007). Ruan and Lambert (2007) continue by mentioning that nurse’s focus more on the communication aspects of physical activity, whereas the patients are more attracted to the physical process of verbal communication. Patient Barriers

Three key barriers are established throughout the results of the questionnaire. These results include “not trusting the nurse, being hearing-impaired, and pretending to understand” (Ruan & Lambert, 2007). The number one barrier of communication differs between the nurses and the older adults. The nurses listed the top barrier to be because the patient is not feeling well and forgets things easily, whereas the patients identified the top barrier to be related to hearing difficulties (Ruan & Lambert, 2007). Resources

Understanding the risks involving communication barriers, it is important to be aware of the resources available to give patients the holistic care that they...
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