Communication and Supervisors

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  • Published : February 3, 2013
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Communication – whether verbal or written is a core competency expected in virtually any position within the workplace. The ability to communicate with employees at every level in the organisation is especially important to Supervisors who want to improve department operations and the performance and productivity of the employees under their supervision.

Supervisors are responsible for providing employees with constructive feedback about performance and workplace behaviour. Communication is important because the way Supervisors interact with employees affects how well employees receive supervisor feedback. A Supervisor with the capability to communicate work directives and employee feedback clearly, succinctly and in a manner that motivates employees instead of alienating them is a more effective leader.

Supervisors model behaviour for the employees to emulate. The quality of supervisor communication skills is usually a direct reflection of the supervisor’s overall job performance. It is difficult to excel in certain areas of leadership and have poor communication skills. Employees observe their supervisor’s communications with others and ultimately learn to use the same techniques in the professional and personal relationships.

Resolving workplace conflict requires communication skills, and in particular, the ability to listen. Employees who complain to their supervisors about the workplace issues have the reasonable expectation that the supervisor will provide support and guidance. Listening well enables supervisors to communicate with employees who are experiencing workplace problems. Supervisors who listen give employees a sense of appreciation for leadership. Employees who believe they are valued contributors are likely to have greater confidence and trust in organisational leadership, which underlies positive supervisor-employee relationship. Consequently employees who believe they are valued...
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