Communication and Professional Skills

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  • Published : January 18, 2012
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Unit 5 Communication and professional skills within child care and education

D1/ D2 Select four aspects of professional practice and give reasons why each chosen aspect is essential and who this may affect.

There are many aspects of professional practice, these aspects are very important to be followed.

Working in partnership with health care and other professionals: working closely with the other professionals in the setting is important for the safety of the children. Communicating about the needs of the children will help us to help the children with their development and help us to keep track of their development’s stage. Also working as a team being consistent about the decisions made will give the children a good role model and routine, otherwise children can get very confuses and lost.

Respecting confidentiality policy is very important to keep children safe, passing information to the right person, keeping information safe/locked, using it only when necessary, and aiming to help the child. Information misused can cause a great trouble to the child and the adult; therefore, we practitioners need to make sure all information are kept safe and confidential.

Attitudes to work is about being a good role model, it is a big part of educating children, we must always remember that, children will repeat everything that we do or say. As adults and practitioners it is important to be a good role model, children also learn copying us, learn to talk, to posture their selves, to dress up, to eat, to express their selves. Being a good role model is about dressing up appropriately for the job, having a good posture, speaking clear (not swearing, not shouting), respecting the children and the team we work with.

Good time keeping and attendance is very important for the smooth running in the setting, also to keep children’s routine and follow the plans for activities. To be on time, it is important to make sure you live home with time enough to be at work on time, if necessary live five minutes earlier. It is better to be earlier than later.

D3 – Include examples of how you are developing the knowledge or skills that will improve each selected aspect of professional practice

During lunch time children are very likely to hurt their selves, knowing who the first-aider person are and where they are is very useful and helpful, because whenever there is a child with problem I can go straight to them and help the child. I have being learning to observe the children and to communicate with health carers and other professionals, how to posture myself and how to respond to children’s misbehave.

There are some children with learning difficulties in my classroom, and to protect them the school has a system, which separates the children by table colours and we know that, there is an specific colour for that special needs table and it is done this way to protect the children from being bullied by other children or abused in any way. It is a way of keeping information about them confidential, while acknowledging their needs. So I have learned different ways of dealing with information and still keeping it confidential.

I have being learning how to posture myself around the children and how to respond to them when they misbehave. At this stage I have learned how to listen to them, the importance of

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them listening to me, the use of appropriate language, to look at after my posture when I talk to them. They look at me and they may want to be like me, for that reason it is important that I am a good role model for them, having a good attitude to work.

During my work placement I have learned to be a good time keeper, I have improved my time, waking up earlier, going to bed as earlier as possible to get a good rest, to prepare my lunch the night before, to organise what I am wearing the night before. Children do notice when we are late and it can affect them, as the other professionals in the...
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