Communication and Professional Relationships with Children and Young Adults

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  • Published : November 13, 2012
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Communication and professional relationships with children.

Outcome 2: Know how to interact and respond to adults
Outcome 3: Know how to communicate with children, young people and adults| Whether at work, home, in education or in social environments, respectful relationships with other humans are at the heart of good communications. We all learn from example and experience, so it is extremely important that adults working with young people develop and display respect for each other as well as for the young people in their care. A good baseline for a professional and respectful attitude is to acknowledge and accept that everyone is different. By understanding and valuing these differences, rather than assuming that we all share the same values and opinions, we demonstrate that we are aware of our colleagues as individuals with different personalities, teaching styles, cultural practices, experiences and backgrounds.All adults and learners should be valued for this. We should recognise the competence and experience of all people we work with and expect ours to be acknowledged too. If we can offer help to less experienced colleagues or seek help from more experienced or better qualified members of staff, we will be expressing respect for each other. Differences of opinion and working styles are bound to occur but communicating honestly and seeking peer feedback will help minimise misunderstandings and conflict. We should endeavor to support each other to develop a working and learning environment that promotes self-esteem and growth and allows challenges and conflicts to be resolved by negotiation and compromise. Young people will have a number of significant adults in their life – some may impact negatively, some positively, on their ability to communicate effectively with adults in different settings. In an educational establishment therefore, if we display consistent, respectful and professional communications with each other, with the...
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