Communication and Processes

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  • Published : December 25, 2012
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1. Explain briefly the characteristics of communication.

It is unavoidable – It is impossible not to communicate, since we communicate unintentionally all the time, even without the use of words. Our body language, the way we dress, the importance we give to arriving on time, our behavior and the physical environment in which we work, all convey certain messages to others. It is a two-way exchange of information – Communication is sharing of information between two or more persons, with continuous feedback.  It is a process – Each message is part of a process and does not occur in isolation. This means that the meaning attached to a message depends on what has happened before and on the present context. For example, your boss’ response to your request for a promotion will depend on your past relationship with him, as well as his mood at that particular moment.  It involves a sender and a receiver of information – Any Communication starts with a sender of a message and requires a receiver to attach some meaning to that message. It could be verbal or non-verbal – Communication could be through the use of words in spoken or written form, or through the use of body language such as gestures and facial expressions.  Q1. Explain briefly the characteristics of communication.

Ans. Communication is transferred from one to another. There are different types of communication. Internal communication, external communication and people or face to face communication. Internal communication is basically communicate internally for example, our bran working. External communication is we are using or getting help from something for example, we are withdrawing money from ATM. Internal and External communication is overlapping each other. In other words or best thing I can say is internal communication we can't see. Again how our brain works we can't see it. And how ATM works we can't see it. But external communication we need help with something: Fax, Email, telephone would...
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