Communication and Pillsbury

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  • Published : August 4, 2009
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Pillsbury Revisited – Case Study

Q1. Why are informal channels of communication dangerous in times of organization upheaval?

In times of change the organization has an environment of uncertainty, insecurity, fear of loosing out, the organization has yet not been able to create a shared purpose. In this phase the employees need a continuous consistent communication from the top. The informal channels have a high tendency of miscommunication so, during the phase Pillsbury is passing formal communications are useful as compared to informal ones.

Q2. What obstacles may interrupt the downward, upward, and horizontal flow of information in organizations undergoing restructuring such as Pillsbury?

• In restructuring when there is a new management, the people in the organization do not know the people well and vice versa. • The element of trust is missing, the new management is also unaware about the channels and mediums already in existence for communication. • The new management if without studying the existing channels and medium of communication, the profile of the existing employees tries to bring new communication systems it is highly likely that people will not respond to it properly. There will be no communication amongst them. • People will develop a fear for not opening up. There is a great possibility that no upward communicating takes place. Even if they have suggestions it is not shared. • The new comers and the old employees have developed biases and prejudices again stopping the flow of information in all directions.

Q3. How could Pillsbury’s in touch voice mail system breakdown common barriers to communication.

• In my view the normal voice mail systems does not give a personal attention to a person. If the system is such that on the other end the suggestions can be registered and explained to an individual instead just recording it impacts. • The second most important thing is recording ad taking...
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