Communication and Perception

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  • Published : October 31, 2010
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Within the movie The Terminal, various types of perception are portrayed, some being negative and some positive. Basically the movie is about a character named Victor, a foreigner who is trying to make it into New York City. Victor can not speak very good English which results in many misinterpretations of his character. Within this paper I am going to describe the common tendencies involved with perception and how it can be misleading for a character like Victor. Also I will try to describe how language was both helpful and harmful in his relationships.

At the beginning of the movie, Victor tries to enter into the United States and is denied. Unfortunately, Victor can not speak the English language very well which results in misleading perceptions of him. Unable to speak English, Victor was denied from many jobs, which results in no food or money. To start out the movie, the perception of Victor was an unintelligent foreigner because he slept in the airport and ate free crackers. People came about this perception because he could not speak their language and was stereotyped and therefore was misunderstood. By the end of the movie, Victor was portrayed the total opposite, he was a lifesaver, and also a man with much love and kindness.

In this movie language was both a barrier and a bridge for Victors character. Unable to communicate well was a barrier for him because he did not understand the process of a work visa which resulted in him staying in the terminal. Unable to communicate, Victor could not find a job or even find friends at first. On the other hand his language skills were helpful to him in the movie because he helped save a mans life by translating another language in which no other person at the time and place could accomplish. This resulted in a change of perception that was seen by everyone in the airport. After saving this mans life by helping translate a language, Victor was treated differently and looked upon as a hero. Another perception...
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