Communication and Mr. Baldwin

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La Amistad
Communication is a huge part in our lives. We cannot go a day without communicating in one way or another. We express our feelings in words, facial expressions, or our actions. We see in the movie Amistad they use all of these ways to communicate.

At the beginning of the movie we see the Africans are distraught and upset. Even though we cannot understand what they are saying we can understand by the meaning of what their facial expressions are. When Mr. Baldwin tried to talk to them the first time we can see that they are upset by the facial expressions. Also in the courtroom when they are on trial we seem scared and confused even though they are not talking we can see it through their face.

We see that another way of communication is being vocal and speaking. The moment that sticks out the most is when Cinque said “give us, us free” in the courtroom during the trial. This was a major part in the movie because we see Cinque is picking up the English language even though it is not the correct way of saying it. We still get the powerful way he is saying give us freedom. At the very end of the movie we see words have a role when Cinque says “thank you” in English to Mr. Baldwin and in return Mr. Baldwin says the same thing in Mende.

Actions also have a huge part in communication. Sometimes you do not have to say anything to get your point across. We see this happens when Cinque and Mr. Baldwin are talking and they really do not understand each other because they do not have a translator. Mr. Baldwin draws a map trying to get Cinque to tell him how far away he came from. Cinque kind of understands but he walks a ways away to show how far he had come. Through the actions of Cinque Mr. Baldwin gets the feeling that he was right and Cinque did not come from Cuba.

In the end we all know how important it is to communicate in one way or another. This movie is a perfect example of all of the different ways there is to communicate. Even though we may...
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