Communication and Its Importance in Creating Conflict in "Interpreter of Maladies"

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  • Published : February 26, 2013
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Communication: Its importance to instigate conflict in Interpreter of Maladies

Conflict is essential in all works of fiction, whether it might a simple disagreement in a marriage or internally trying to deal with guilt. The real life situations of Interpreter of Maladies connect the problems with communication with conflict that will arise. In Interpreter of Maladies, communication problems in the short stories “A Temporary Matter”, “This Blessed House”, and “Interpreter of Maladies” resulted in conflict.

In “A Temporary Matter”, the conflict in was the game that Shoba and Shukamar played, referring to the revealing one truth about oneself when there were not any lights, and the game where they were hiding from each other, hoping to avoid awkward encounters. This was an internal conflict from Shukumar’s perspective because Shukumar was thinking of how to play his next move in order to effectively restore the relationship. ”Now he had to struggle to say something that interested he, something that made her look up from her plate, or from proofreading files.” Shukumar thought the purpose of the game where the couple would share previously unknown facts was that it would restore their relationship. Shukumar thought the game was used in order to reconcile and reform the marriage. But he was gravely mistaken. Shoba used this game to tell him that she was moving out. “It sickened Shukumar, knowing that she had spent these past evening s preparing for a life without him.” (21). The internal conflict in Shukumar was a result of miscommunication on Shoba’s part. She rarely communicated her thoughts and feelings after the stillbirth, and Shukumar took this as a sign to not talk. This resulted in their relationship slowing fading, and finally to the point of avoidance.

In “This Blessed House” Sanjeev and Twinkle had many fights throughout the story because of the Christian artifacts that were laid throughout the house. Sanjeev believed it was impractical, since both...
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