Communication and Its Barriers!

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  • Published : December 1, 2010
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What Is Communication

There are several definitions
1. the act of transmitting
2. a giving or exchanging of information, signals, or messages as by talk, gestures, or writing 3. the information, signals, or message
4. close, sympathetic relationship
5. a means of communicating; specif., a system for sending and receiving messages, as by telephone, telegraph, radio, etc. 6. a system as of routes for moving troops and material
7. a passage or way for getting from one place to another 8. the art of expressing ideas, esp. in speech and writing 9. the science of transmitting information, esp. in symbols Types:
Verbal Communication
Verbal communication is one way for people to communicate face-to-face.  Some of the key components of verbal communication are sound, words, speaking, and language.  Non-Verbal Communication
Nonverbal communications (NVC) is usually understood as the process of communication through sending and receiving wordless messages. i.e, language is not the only source of communication, Gestures, body language, facial expression, sign language are all ways of communicating without the spoken word.

Barriers: No matter how good and effective a communicator one maybe, yet the fact is that one does face certain barriers, from time to time, which forces them to work on becoming even more effective in their skills to communicate. Given here are the communication barriers that occur while listening, speaking and in the case of non-verbal communications... Listening barriers:

Interrupting the speaker
Not maintaining eye contact with the speaker
Rushing the speaker to complete what he/she has to say
Making the speaker feel as though he/she is wasting the listener's time Being distracted by something that is not part of the on going communication Getting ahead of the speaker and completing his/her thoughts Ignoring...
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