Communication and Interpersonal Skills

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After reading this chapter students should be able to:
1. Define communication and explain why it is important to managers. 2. Describe the communication process.
3. List techniques for overcoming communication barriers.
4. Identify behaviors related to effective active listening. 5. Explain what behaviors are necessary for providing effective feedback. 6. Describe the contingency factors influencing delegation.
7. Identify behaviors related to effective delegating.
8. Describe the steps in analyzing and resolving conflict.
9. Explain why a manager might stimulate conflict.
10. Contrast distributive and integrative bargaining.

Opening Vignette
George Cohon, a Canadian, made history when he opened the first McDonald's restaurant near Moscow's Red Square in the former Soviet Union. Getting the McDonald's operating took many years of battling "red tape," and cultural, as well as economic obstacles. While Cohon found negotiating in a foreign language to be difficult, it was nothing compared to dealing with a totalitarian government as a prospective partner. As Cohon states, "this was a communications challenge straight from hell."

Once the agreement had been reached, a new set of obstacles had to be overcome. Suppliers had to be found and, at the time and a staff had to be hired and trained. And new employees had to be introduced to McDonald's unique corporate culture focusing on quality, cleanliness, and consistency. On the first day of operation, Moscow McDonald's served over 30,000 people. Since then, the chain has expanded throughout Russia. George Cohon managed to create a reliable system of suppliers, overcome government bureaucracy, and train employees to function at the high level demanded by McDonald's. A major victory for Cohon he demonstrated that effective communication is fundamentally linked to successful performance.

Teaching notes

1. Ask students to research current articles on doing business in Red China. 2. They should read and write paragraph to ½ summaries of the peculiarities of doing business in China that are mentioned in the articles. 3. Ask students to share their summaries in class before they pass them in. 4. List on the board the challenges they discovered.

5. Based on this list, the students’ research, and what is read in class lead a discussion on what communication challenges would face an American business professional doing business in Red China.


1 Introduction

1. Everything a manager does involves communicating.
2. A manager can't make a decision without information, which has to be communicated. 3. Once a decision is made, communication must again take place. 4. Good communication skills alone do not make a successful manager but ineffective communication skills can lead to a continuous stream of problems for the manager.

A. How Does the Communication Process Work?
1. Communication can be thought of as a process or flow. a) Problems occur when there are deviations or blockages in that flow. 2. Communication requires a purpose, expressed as a message conveyed between a source (the sender) and a receiver. It is encoded and is passed by some medium to the receiver, who re-translates the message initiated by the sender. The result is a transference of meaning from one person to another. a) Exhibit 12-1 depicts the communication process.

3. Four conditions affect the encoded message: skill, attitudes, knowledge, and the social-cultural system. 4. One's total communicative success includes speaking, reading, listening, and reasoning skills. 5. Our attitudes influence our behavior. We hold predisposed ideas on numerous topics, and our communications are affected by these attitudes. 6. We are restricted in our communicative activity by the extent of our knowledge of the particular...
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