Communication and Human Relations Essay

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  • Published : August 25, 2012
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Theories to Help Effective Administrators
Effective communication is a critical skill that every administrator must possess in order to be successful. To lead effectively it is essential to have varying models and theories that are practiced; theories such as Pygmalion and Human Nature. The Pygmalion theory is fascinating because it is centered on high expectations, that essentially means expect more and get more. The Human Nature Theory deals with various ways of thinking, feeling and acting. In addition to the above mentioned theories there are models that administrators can utilize for effective communication. Some of these models are Pacing then Leading model and the Transactional Communication Model. The Pacing then Leading model is based on building rapport with their staff. The Transactional Communication Model is based on a way of using perceptions to interpret the messages that are being sent. Each of the theories and models mentioned above will be discussed further within this paper. Pygmalion

Expect more, receive more is the key element to the Pygmalion leadership style. This theory is about human relations that can be incredibly influential in the educational setting. “When managers treat their subordinates as creative, committed, competent people, both the manager and the subordinates will reap the rewards of the self-fulfilling prophecy. When managers hesitate and treat their subordinates as incapable people, subordinates are less likely to perform at their full potential.” (Razik, T., & Swanson, A. 2009) If the administrator fosters a positive, supportive, and encouraging environment followed by high expectations, then the staff will fulfill expectations to the best of their abilities. This theory explores the model of high expectations and results of continuous reinforcement. A faculty that is following this model is inclined to develop strong collaborative relationships that are continuously growing and improving. An example of this...
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