Communication and Facial Expressions

Topics: Communication, Nonverbal communication, Sign language Pages: 2 (619 words) Published: October 1, 2011
Demonstrative communication is a form of nonverbal and unwritten communication that is a two-way process if done correctly. The sender must send the right message and it must also be received and understood correctly by the receiver. We obtain information through our senses and our communication can be in the forms of facial expressions, gestures, body language and posture, eye gaze, blinking of eyes, and lips or mouth. Demonstrative communication can be effective and ineffective, positive and negative, for the sender and receiver, and involves listening and responding. Communication is around us every day and having effective communications skills will help a conversation flow properly. Demonstrative communication can be in the form of facial expressions, gestures, body language and posture, eye gaze, blinking of eyes, and lips or mouth. Facial expressions are a big part of nonverbal communication because a lot of information can be given away with a smile or frown. Most facial expressions of happiness, fear, anger, surprise, confusion, excitement, and sadness are the same all over the world. Gestures can be waving and pointing and some gestures might have different meanings all over the world. A clenched fist and indicate somebody is angry, a thumbs up and thumbs down can mean approval or disapproval, the “okay” symbol can mean “okay” in the United States but can mean different things in other countries. Body language and posture can be from leg-crossing, arm-crossing, standing with hands on the hips, clasping the hands behind the back, finger tapping or fidgeting, sitting up straight, and hunching forward. Crossing the arms can indicate that a person is feeling defensive, self-protective, bored, or closed-off. Crossing the legs can mean dislike or discomfort. Standing with the hands placed on the hips can mean a person feels in control or possibly could be a sign of aggressiveness. Examples of how demonstrative communication can be effective or ineffective...
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