Communication and Data Protection Act

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  • Published : March 1, 2012
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Listening is a major port of communication, however listening must be accompanied by understanding what is being communicated. lack of understanding can lead to conflict, mistakes and stressful situations. Misunderstandings can occur due to the manner in which communication is delivered for example in an angry manner, language or jargon used, the listeners level of understanding ,, background noise, or the speaker speaking quickly or not clearly or indeed misinterpretation. To ensure the listener has understood it is necessary to check their understanding. People from different backgrounds or cultures might interpret or understand some words wrongly

SHC31-3.1 Explain how people from different backgrounds may use and/or interpret communication methods in different ways.| | | | SHC31-3.2 Identify barriers to effective communication.| | | | SHC31-3.3 Demonstrate ways to overcome barriers to communication.| | | | SHC31-3.4 Demonstrate strategies that can be used to clarify misunderstandings.| | | | SHC31-3.5 Explain how to access extra support or services to enable individuals to communicate effectively| | | | * Confidentiality means controlling the spread of information by anyone working with children and young people . Unless in exceptional circumstances for instance when a child in at risk from harm, Personal information must only be disclosed With the permission of the person concerned to those who have a professional need to know to comply with the law on data protection act 1998 as well as child protection and safeguarding policy . Everybody has a fundamental right to privacy. As a childcare professional I have a duty to protect children and their families by making sure that the information I know about them is kept private and only passed on when absolutely necessary. I have in place policies and procedures about confidentiality which I give to parents at our initial meeting. All settings must adhere to the Data Protection...
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