Communication and Cultural Difference

Topics: Culture, Leadership, Gender Pages: 3 (937 words) Published: January 27, 2011
Communication and Culture Differences in the Workplace
The standards and assumption of any culture is usually formed by the foundation of their morals, rules and regulation, and those morals are supported and accepted as the normal, beliefs and behaviors according to the evaluation of that culture. Since we live in a rapid changing world where technology is the order of the day, cultures tend to interact on a more regular basis, causing communication barriers because of language differences, but an even greater barrier than language difference is non-verbal communication and culture barriers. Culturally we are different because of our beliefs, religion, social class, attitude and race; However, for any organization to be successful diversity is a necessity, and cultural difference can be ameliorated when organization learn culture adaptability. Cultural Adaptation

Because our world has change to a more globalized economy, where the internet connects us with many cultures, and because many companies are setting up their organization all over the world, it is imperative that organization learn to adapt to diverse cultures in order to lead in their industry as well as create harmonious work environment. Usually when we hear of Cultural Adaptation, we often think of foreigners who come into our culture and expect them to adapt.

Leadership Styles between the genders
Men and women do have different leadership style, but I believe they complement each other as opposed to all men or all women making decisions. Cleaver Organizations are making an effort to diversify when it comes to leaders because they realize that both genders bring to the table a different and sometimes unique perspective. The genders are learning from each other and can take from each a piece of that which may be missing to make a better manager/CEO. However, I do believe that they bring out different responses from those around them, and this is because...
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