Communication and Crisis

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  • Published : March 4, 2013
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RUNNING HEAD: Communication and Crisis paper

Communication and Crisis Paper
University of Phoenix
August 6, 2012

According to this Scenario:
In 1979, the Three Mile Island nuclear reactor malfunctioned, releasing radiation into the environment. There were no immediate deaths or injuries resulting from the incident; however, the accident drew much media attention and created concerns in the local area and beyond. The major forms of communication used to report these events were the three major television networks and local radio stations. In 2005, Hurricane Katrina devastated the New Orleans area and immersed a significant part of the city in water. Local citizens and their families were affected. In contrast to the Three Mile Island incident, newer communication technologies, such as the Internet, were used to disseminate information.

According to official reports being received on the Hurricane Katrina incident, there have been reports that the public water supplies of several towns in the area becoming contaminated with a life-threatening biological agent. There will be several steps that will have to be taken into consideration to inspect the water within the town limits, but also within several lives to ensure safety. It is very important that no one is to drink or use the water. In contrast to the Three Mile incident from 1979, the Hurricane Katrina immersed a significant part of their city in water. Locals were affected; many will have no place to go. This incident may have been an act of terrorism and careful precautions will be taken to prove if it was or not. . We will continue to use newer communication technologies to communicate updates. There will be several groups involved in investigating this matter to determine if it is indeed a crisis situation. The several groups will work internally and externally to investigate this crisis. There will be spokespersons, more than one who will be your leaders, or who...
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