Communication and Collabration Strategies

Topics: Learning styles, Psychology, Personality psychology Pages: 2 (571 words) Published: May 19, 2013
Communication and Collaboration Strategies
Jacquetta Waldon
University of Phoenix

Communication and Collaboration Strategies
Our Learning Team consists of an Organizer/Adventurer, Giver and Two Thinkers. My personality type was tied between a Thinker and an Organizer. Although I do consider myself detailed, confident, organized, and dependable like an Organizer, I have more Thinker traits such as: technical, rational, analytical, problem solver, objective, explicit, realistic, and literal. This helped me to make my primary personality type a Thinker.

Once I identified my type, I initially thought it would be difficult to be in a team with a Giver and an Adventurer. I thought I would conflict with a Giver because I deemed them to be over emotional, feeling and too adaptable. The strategy I used for effective communication with the Giver of our group was to recognize the strength in that personality type. A Giver will make efforts to cultivate the potential of our team and will be an open and honest communicator. This is important because while I will naturally look for opportunities to work and reflect on new information independently, a Giver will help me feel comfortable with team interaction and working as group which is the goal of the assignment. Effectively communicating with a Giver strengthens me in my weaker social areas.

The second personality type I was worried about working with was an Adventurer. I thought the impulsive, adventuresome and artistic traits of this type would really conflict with my logical, rational type. The strategy I used for effective communication with this type is the same as with the Giver. I focused on the strengths of working with an Adventurer instead of the things I think will annoy me. An Adventurer’s high ability in a variety of fields brings many non-traditional perspectives to the group and since they also tend to live in the present they are very good at tackling the task at...
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