Communication and Child

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The aim of this report is to identify the reasons why people communicate and the ways in which this can affect relationships. I will identify what we need to remember when we are trying to promote communication with others and the barriers that we may come across when doing this.

I will endeavour to explain the extra support available for individual's who may have problems communicating and how coming from different backgrounds/cultures can affect how an individual communicates.

I will also describe the ways in which we must treat confidential disclosures and how confidential information should be treated.


People communicate to:

Build relationships
When a new child/parent enters our setting the first thing that will happen is some form of communication such as a smile or greeting the child/parent with hello. This is the foundation on which a child’s trust is based. If a child sees a good relationship between us and their parents this will make the transition period smoother.

Share thoughts and ideas
When children share thoughts and ideas they are being given the chance to express themselves freely. Children will have ideas and thoughts that they need to share by doing this they are able to grow in confidence and self-esteem, we should always listen to a child's ideas even if they are incorrect as this will encourage a child to share further ideas and thoughts.

feedback and reflection encourages mental stim

Gain and share information track development, diagnose problems early Express needs and feelings
Gain reassurance and acknowledgement


Communication affects relationships in the work setting in the following ways:

- Sharing and Gaining Information
By sharing and gaining information from parents/colleagues such as how the child is feeling, their likes and dislikes, what play interests the child has, we are much better equipped to bring the best out of the child. Effective communication is extremely important if the child has a medical condition or perhaps is attending a speech therapist. Knowing these things can help us with the child's development.

- Settling In
It is important that we communicate well when a child is settling into a new environment as the child may feel anxious or nervous about the new setting as this may be the first time the child has left the parents.

Good communication helps in building relationships, making it easier for the child to feel happy and secure in a new environment. Communicating and building a relationship with the parents allows them to trust and feel happy with us as practitioners enabling them to confidently leave the child in our care.

- Supporting children's Play and Learning
If we have good communication with a child they are able to benefit more from play and learning activities. It enables them to take part and understand activities. It also encourages better speech and vocabulary and gives them the confidence to express their thoughts and ideas, making them feel more relaxed and comfortable within the setting.

- Transitions
It is important to have good communication in periods of transition such as moving schools or childminders, as this makes it easier for the child to adjust and feel happy and comfortable in the new setting. For example having good communication and building relationships with each other allows information to be passed on effectively and efficiently making the transition easier for the child, parents and practitioner.


The factors to consider when promoting effective communication are:

- Environment
It is important that we think about the environment we are in when communicating with others. When we are communicating with adults or...
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