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A career defines who I am and what am I all about. It is true that a majority of people will choose to work for what pays and offers them the most, especially living in today’s economy. However, I believe that my chosen career path should base on the source of my passion and interest in order to ensure a long term success in life. Therefore, when it comes to my interest and passion, the first thing that came into my mind would be dancing.

Being a dancer since I was three years old, I always dreamt of having a company of my own which manages dancers from all around the world. To be specific, my chosen career would be the director of a dance company. The main reason for choosing this career, of course, is because of my passion in dancing. Therefore it would be great if I could spread my passion in this healthy sport to the society as well.

In order to understand further on the requirements I need for my chosen career path and also the challenges I might face in the future, the company I decided to interview is the owner of a dance company named Redmouse Dance Academy.

Person Interviewed (Ms. Pearl Wong Huei Woon, Director of Redmouse Dance Academy)
In her mid-30’s, Ms. Pearl Wong Huei Woon has been working as the director of Redmouse Dance Academy, which is based in Dataran Mentari Bandar Sunway for the past 3 years. As a dancer herself, she has been to different countries and explored different dance companies from all around the world after graduated from high school, but focus mainly in Asian countries such as Korea and Japan.

She has a vast amount of knowledge in the dance industry. She even brings over dance instructors all the way from Korea for her company in Malaysia knowing that Koreans are well known as great dancers. Besides that, knowing that the Korean pop songs are the current trend in Malaysia, Ms. Pearl Wong encourages her Korean staffs to teach Korean Pop Dances in order to meet the needs of the society. Throughout the interview, Ms. Pearl Wong Huei Woon shared many experiences of working in her career and how rewarding this career can be.

Brief Background Information of Ms. Pearl Wong

Job Scope

i) Maintaining Company’s Image
According to Ms. Pearl Wong, as the director of the company, it is very important for her to maintain the company’s image. In order to do so, she has to ensure from time to time that the Korean Instructors she hired did their job well in providing high quality dance instructions to her customers. She also accepts feedbacks and suggestions from her customers so that more improvements could be done to maintain the company’s reputation in the dance industry.

ii) Planning and Organizing
Ms. Pearl Wong has always been active in planning and organizing dance-related events occasionally to promote and gain attraction from the public towards her dance company. She offers opportunities for her students to perform in the events she organized and also events in collaboration with other dance companies so that the public could witness the quality of her dance company. iii) Managing

As the director of the company, Ms. Pearl Wong is responsible in coordinating and oversees the work of her staffs in the company. According to Ms. Pearl, it is important to allocate the right person to the right job. She analyzes the specialty of her employees in dancing and divides their job accordingly. She believes by managing her employees effectively, it helps to lead them to a path of efficient work and increases productivity.

iv) Plotting of Future Expansion Possibilities of the Company Every decision the director make will bring a huge impact towards the company and the employees. (Sullivan, 2012) Even though it is risky to expand the company, however, Ms. Pearl Wong believed that a successful business expansion may lead the company to an exposure towards a wider audience which helps in increasing potential customers....
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