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  • Published : May 7, 2013
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Reflective Summary – Theraputic Interaction

Using the Marks-Maran & Rose(1997) Model of Reflection ,I intend to identify and reflect on a theraputic interaction I have had with a patient. By critically reflecting on my experience I intend to be able to take from the situation an understanding of the positive and negative attributes and apply them to my future practice in order to improve my standards of care given to my patients and their family. A young boy came in with a fracture in his hand due to being involved in a fight. The doctors came in to assess the damage and work out the best means of treatment. During this time the boy expressed his dislike of needles and asked if he would be likely to need any. The doctors debated between themselves as to whether to perform the movement of the bone back into place without a local anaesthetic. Instead of telling the boy that he may need one and reassuring him, they debated between themselves at what would be the best solution. I noticed the boy watching their debate with an anxious look on his face before they decided that he would be better having the local anaesthetic. The doctors then left the room and he was understandably apprehensive and asked if it could be just left to heal itself. My mentor sat down and explained to him that it would cause worse damage if it was left and could result in the need for surgery at a later date. She asked him what he was most worried about, to which his reply was the need for an injection. She told him that there was a special cream which could be applied which would numb the area, she then explained that he could sit with the iPad and play a game whilst the procedure took place. There was also the issue that the boy was with foster parents and his mother could not at this time be contacted for consent. It was explained to him that he was old enough to consent to his own treatment and he was told what would happen if he did not get it treated that day. He consented to the...
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