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The Importance of English Communication in the Business World Print this article

Learning English is necessary if you have international business ambitions.

English operates as the lingua franca of today, the language that businesspeople around the world use to communicate when they don't speak the same native languages. Understanding English is necessary to succeed in international business. Other People Are Reading

The Importance of Studying Business Communication
English Skills for Business Communication

Globalization and the exportation of information and entertainment helped English to become the language of business. In the rapidly globalizing post-WWII world, English speaking countries dictated a great deal of world politics and world business. Types

According to the organization Global Envision, English is the most common language for the communication of a variety of information, including academic and scientific news. Many organizations use English as the official language of communications. Popular business resources, like the Wall Street Journal, are published originally in English. Significance

According to Global Envision, English is the official language for more than 70 countries, and English is taught in schools around the world. Knowing English opens new business doors. You have the chance to land jobs in which English fluency is required, and you can communicate clearly with contacts and potential clients. Warning

The importance of English communication in the business world has generated many business opportunities--some that are legitimate and some that are not. Be wary of English language learning opportunities that are not offered by established businesses, tutors or educational organizations. Controversy

Some people and organizations are opposed to the spread of English as an international business language. They see the spread of the language as a type of imperialism, as English has the reputation...
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