Topics: Communication, Management, Interpersonal relationship Pages: 2 (570 words) Published: April 25, 2013
Communication is process by which information is exchange between individuals through common system of symbols, signs or behavior. Whereby it, the people can give to or receive information or person's need, desires, knowledge to another person. Thus; communication is very important in many things, so; in this assignment, I will show how communication is important in organizations, among friend and families. In organization

Communication is so important in organizations; and it help to do many things in it until develop and organize that organizations. The first importance, it is important to managers of organization to perform basic functions of management, planning, organizing, leading and controlling. The second importance, it helps managers to perform their jobs and responsibilities. The third importance, you should reporting and communication with managers to tell him or his about important information until investigation their goals. The fourth importance is promotes motivation by informing and clarifying employees about task to be done and how can improvement it's perform. The last importance, communication is source of information to organizational members for make decisions. Among families

Moreover, the communication is very important among family members for many reasons. The first reasons, they will can solve problems. Many issues between family members arise, because of miscommunication, so communication with other member of family can help to get solution for that problems. The second reasons, it is encourage and support. Family system helps every one of its members through the good or bad times. When family communicates well, everyone will understands, what other need, love is and they try to support them. The third reason, it helps to form tighter bonds. Trusting in family members by communicating with them will foster the love you share and tighten your bonds. And many families grow apart, because individual...
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